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Geospatial Services

We offer the fastest and most affordable compliance services in the region. Don't believe us? Just ask your neighbor.

Our Geospatial experts are intimately familiar with a wide range of data and a wide variety of products. Our service to your project can incorporate data from GPS, LIDAR, Ground-Penetrating Radar, Unmanned Aircraft, and more. 

Our field crews use proprietary technology developed in-house to turbocharge data collection. This means a shorter time in the project area and higher quality results, all at a lower overall cost. 

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Our GIS and Geospatial consulting supports a variety of projects

Desktop and Mobile GIS Programming and Customization 

Our custom GIS programming services seek to create GIS data processing or analysis tools tailored to your organization's workflow. Typically, we use the ArcObjects suite of tools to create custom APIs for ESRI's ArcMap and ArcPad software.     

GIS Data Acquisition and Management 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are widely used by many industries and has become an important data management tool for land management, development planning, and analysis of information across space and time. These datasets can be quite extensive, and thus time-intensive and complex to create and maintain. CARA's cartographic staff specializes in the creation and management of custom-made GIS to place the information your organization needs at your fingertips. 

Geostatistical and Spatial Analysis 

When trying to understand phenomena across space and time, spatial and geostatistical analyses are often employed to model geographic data. Generally speaking, these types of analysis can model (and sometimes predict) trends in a exceedingly wide range of datasets, such as natural or environmental phenomena, real estate, crime, or demographic trends through time, traffic patterns, utility coverage or reliability, and many other applications.    

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