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Environmental and Geological Services

We offer the fastest and most affordable compliance services in the region. Don't believe us? Just ask your neighbor.

You can expect to have an experienced and diverse team of Environmental Scientists, Geologists, and Geospatial Experts ensuring  your project is in compliance with all relevant environmental laws. 

Our field crews use proprietary technology developed in-house to turbocharge data collection. This means a shorter time in the project area and higher quality results, all at a lower overall cost. 

Environmental Survey
Our GIS and Geospatial consulting supports a variety of projects

Geomorphological Analysis

Understanding landscape-level geologic processes is essential in understanding the ground structure of a given site, and how deposits relate to natural landscape processes. This understanding becomes especially important in karst, riverine, or coastal environments as these environments can change rapidly.

Environmental Impact Statements

Sometimes, as part of an Environmental Assessment (EA), a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) will be requested. The goal of a SIA is to analyze, monitor and manage the intended and unintended social consequences, both positive and negative, of planned interventions (policies, programs, plans, projects) and any social change processes invoked by those interventions. Its primary purpose is to bring about a more sustainable and equitable biophysical and human environment.

Wetland Delineation

Wetlands are critical environments protected by federal, state, and local laws. Delineation of these areas are required to comply with requirements. Our experts can quickly delineate these areas to enable proper management.

Wind Farm
American Chestnut
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